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ekolite is a company that specializes in energy saving. We focus on providing our clients with the very latest effective technologies available in reducing energy costs and carbon emissions. Our solutions provide good returns on investment for our clients.


Technology Information

"Use Technology to Save Energy - Intelligent Motor Controllers in Mexico, France and China."

Dr. Ming Yang
Energy Efficiency and Environment Division
International Energy Agency / OECD





Featured Products

  • ekolite™ T5
    ekolite™ T5
    A new standard in existing fluorescent system, ekolite™ offers optimal lighting, superior color, and low energy consumption with high saving rate.
  • ekolite™ led
    ekolite™ LED
    LEDs are solid state semiconductor lighting devices. LEDs offer wide range of white colors (2000 to 7000 Kelvin). ekolite™ offers customers our unique driverless LEDs light source (using direct AC current), coupled with our proprietary heat management system consisting a combination of ceramic and alloy, and forced air technology.
  • ekolite™ MIF
    ekolite™ MIF
    The Magnetic Induction Fluorescent (MIF) Lights are ultra long life and energy efficient. These light sources are suitable for applications where high operational availability is crucial. Applications where MIF lights excel are in security facilities, street lights, tunnels and highways.
    Motor Controllers (IMC) utilise intelligent micro-controllers that continuously monitor motor 'efficiency' to ensure the right amount of power are used over the complete job cycles.